Our Therapeutic Massage

When anyone in pain visits our Clinic, we believe it is vital that the muscles are relaxed and loosened up before any treatment begins.   We provide several types of massage, depending on the patient’s needs.

arm massage

back massage

leg massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue.  It  is used for chronically tight or painful muscles, repetitive strain, postural problems, or recovery from injury.

Although some patients may feel sore for one to two days after a deep tissue massage – it is very effective for relief and repair for the longer term.

Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic system is the defence mechanism against infection and disease, this gentle massage technique aids in removing excess water from the tissue spaces. However as it doesn’t have a pump – like the circulatory system (ie. heart) this part of the body relies on gravity, body motion and natural flow to circulate within the body.

Lymphatic massage promotes the flow with rhythmical controlled strokes to find a path for drainage. This technique helps restore the connective tissue, removes inflammatory toxins, and helps the immune system to be more efficient.  It is used to treat arthritis, fatigue, pain in joints, cellulite and more.

Other Massages and Services

Pregnancy Massage , Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Remedial Massage, Swedish Massage,  Cupping, Ear Candling.

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