Your Eyes are the Windows to Your Health!

They say that your eyes are the “windows to your soul”. They can also be the windows of signs about your underlying health!

Iridology is the assessment of the body according to the irides (the coloured area of the eye). To an iridologist, certain parts of the irides correspond to specific organs, tissues and body areas; and colours and textures suggest biochemical changes. The topography of the iris as it relates to the rest of the body has been mapped by practitioners over the last 400 years.

The thalamus and hypothalamus parts of the brain are connected by nerve fibres to the blood vessels, muscles and surface of the irides. These parts of the brain are the basic monitors of all vital activities going on within the body. Physiological changes develop in the iris tissue revealing information from all parts of the body that have a nerve supply.

We don’t use Iridology to diagnose or name diseases, but we can identify areas or organs which may be weaker, be overactive or under active or have poor waste removal. Iridology provides us with initial signs, and we use other techniques to further explore, diagnose and treat.

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