Who or What is T.I.M?


TIM is our secret weapon!

We’ve treated thousands of people over the years and we found that some people kept coming back regularly with the same issues over and over again.

We realised that these people needed a little more help with their overall health so that the symptoms disappear and they only need see us once in a while for a little maintenance.

Hence T.I.M. was born – and this unique process has seen a vast improvement in the health of many of our patients – and a reduction in the number of times they need to visit.

  • Trauma Control
  • Improvement
  • Maintenance

Trauma Control

Let’s face it, most people visit a health practitioner because there is something wrong… therefore, the first normal step when you visit BNMC is to have your problem correctly diagnosed and controlled.  Naturopathy & Acupuncture are particularly effective in this area because the cause, not just the symptoms are treated.


Getting back to normal is not good enough, our goal is to get you back to great!  Step two is to look at your diet and the rest of your body, to make sure you get the most out of life  …after all you only get one chance at life.


Staying ‘great’ is critical and well worth every cent of your investment because the likelihood on another ‘trauma is minimized.
Of course TIM is not needed for everyone.  Unlike some practitioners we don’t recommend you revisit us every week.  In some cases it’s not necessary.  But often we find there are underlying health issues which need to be addressed.  In these situations we will recommend further treatment to help you reduce recurrence of your symptoms and restore optimum health.  Your overall long term health is our main objective.

We have found that our TIM system of control, improvement and maintenance is the most effective method of keeping your visits down and your health and vitality up!

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