New anti ageing treatment – Dermapen

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We are excited to announce that the latest in anti-aging  and scar reduction is  now available at Beenleigh Natural Medicine Clinic.

Called DermaPen – it is beneficial in rejuvenating your skin, helps in reducing acne scaring and pimples and has amazing anti-aging benefits, all without surgery.

As we age, the natural production of the skin’s supporting cells  (fibroblasts) and collagen and elastin,  diminishes –  leading to wrinkles, sagging and hollows.

The DermaPen treatment involves skin needling – a practice that has been around for a while as a collagen induction therapy and involves making ‘micro injuries’ to the skin with very fine needles. These injuries prompt the skin to go into healing mode, which includes the release of collagen, elastin and the stimulation of new supporting skin cells, fibroblasts. This, in turn, reduces the signs of aging, like sagging, wrinkles, hollows and uneven skin tone.

dermapenbeforeandafterDespite its scary name, skin needling with the new Derma Pen is undertaken with minimal discomfort.  Treatment takes about an hour and then we recommend that you follow up in 4 weeks time, after your body has had time to work it’s magic and rejuvenated your skin .


Give us a call on 07 3807 3033 or complete our booking form to book in for your first anti ageing or scar reduction session.

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